• Full Name: VanEck Future of Food ETF
  • ISIN: US92189H7970
  • Currency: USD
  • Provider: VanEck
  • Expense Ratio: 0.69%
  • Inception: December 2, 2021
  • Index Tracked:
  • Asset Class: Stocks
  • Region Focus: World
  • Dividend Policy: Distributing

The VanEck Future of Food ETF (YUMY) is an actively-managed ETF that seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in companies engaged in Agri-Food technology and innovation which encompasses industries and companies that are leading, enabling, supplying, disrupting, or benefiting from new environmentally sustainable agriculture and food products and services.

The YUMY Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is provided by VanEck. This ETF provides exposure to Equities.

This fund is actively managed; it does not track an index.

This share class generates a stream of income by distributing dividends.